The Lunchbox Diaries – Oat and Sultana Bars

Usually Winter signifies a time to bake in my household. It’s cold and cosy and the warm oven and delicious smells permeating the house really scream out comfort. However, the weather lately has been quite odd for Winter… the days have been amazing. The warm sunny days have seen us spending more and more time outside and … Continue reading

Breakfast Rice Pudding

The weather is slowly starting to cool down here in South East Queensland. Easter usually signals the change of weather for us and this year has been no different. I love Autumn and Winter here on the farm. As the cold air rolls in it brings with it the smells of fire places alight in … Continue reading

Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement. 

    Ok, it’s been a long time since my last post. Too long. Yes, I’ve been busy. Too busy. That’s only part of the reason I’ve been holding back from posting though. At the moment I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of ‘health’ and just good old fashioned cooking. Which is … Continue reading

Rustic Date Loaf

I have been cooking with my Thermomix for almost two years now and while I love it to death, I just felt like making a cake by hand this evening. Cue this date loaf. This is an old recipe I’ve had in my handwritten recipe book for many years, it’s so easy, uses minimal ingredients … Continue reading

Mini Pumpkin Scones

Since the term began I feel like I’ve been constantly cooking, washing and cleaning in my spare time as opposed to giving my garden the attention it needs and putting energy into my blog. I’m re-learning how to be a working Mum and fast realising that I need to have a good plan at the … Continue reading

Choc Blueberry Brownies

Warning: the following recipe is highly addictive! Don’t say you weren’t warned! They are dairy free, egg free and delicious. Choc Blueberry Brownies Ingredients 100g Almonds (or almond meal for non Thermomix users) 100g White spelt flour 1 tsp Alum free baking powder 2 tsp Apple cider vinegar 2 tsp Vanilla paste 175g Pure maple … Continue reading

Chicken & Vegetable Pie with Potato Pastry

As I e-mailed my order for my veggie co-op late last night, I realised that I still had a fridge full of food that we hadn’t eaten. I usually receive my order on Monday afternoon and I really hate an over crowded fridge because generally that means you can’t see what is in there and … Continue reading

Soaked Cereal

It has been a little quiet around here on the blog lately…I’ve been spring cleaning… The reason I’m spring cleaning? Well, I’ve been doing a 30 day course (Alexx Stuart) all about living a low tox life. So, this past month I’ve been overhauling my home to eliminate and reduce chemicals even further. I thought … Continue reading

Power packed Paleo slice

For some reason I had a small bowl of puréed sweet potato in my fridge. I made up a batch in my Thermomix but I really didn’t know what to make with it. I decided to go on a search for something healthy, yet tasty and maybe chocolatey. I found a crazy number of recipes … Continue reading