Save time and money with DIY ‘Quick Oats’

It is already July and that means we are well and truly into Winter now. The fire is going almost constantly these days as even the temperature during the days has been quite low. July also means the beginning of ‘Plastic Free July’, a challenge set up to encourage us all to quit single use … Continue reading

Power packed Paleo slice

For some reason I had a small bowl of puréed sweet potato in my fridge. I made up a batch in my Thermomix but I really didn’t know what to make with it. I decided to go on a search for something healthy, yet tasty and maybe chocolatey. I found a crazy number of recipes … Continue reading

Breakfast Jar – Chocolate Chia Pudding

Eating or drinking things out of jars seems to be the craze of the last few years. It might seem a little odd at first but it actually does serve a purpose and can make life a little easier. Jars are handy because, unlike many containers, they won’t leak. They are useful to take juices, … Continue reading