The Lunchbox Diaries – Choc Beetroot Muffins

After a pretty awful fortnight I finally dragged myself out in the garden to inspect the damage that may have resulted from the sheer neglect it has been receiving lately. When I saw full heads of cabbage, multiple heads of broccoli, bunches upon bunches of beetroot and hundreds of snow peas staring back at me, … Continue reading

Save time and money with DIY ‘Quick Oats’

It is already July and that means we are well and truly into Winter now. The fire is going almost constantly these days as even the temperature during the days has been quite low. July also means the beginning of ‘Plastic Free July’, a challenge set up to encourage us all to quit single use … Continue reading

Green Cleaning 101

Eliminating chemicals from my life has been a journey I have been on for many years now. I can remember sitting in my inner city apartment, killing time between uni lectures and watching Oprah. Sophie Uliano was the guest for that particular day and she was sharing tips from her book ‘Gorgeously Green’. I had … Continue reading

20 Kids Lunchbox Ideas

It is nearly the end of school holidays here in QLD and we are about to enter into our last term for the year. Being a teacher, term four is always my favourite. Sure, everyone is tired and hanging out for the Christmas break, but I find it to be a time of celebration. Not just because … Continue reading

Cure ‘hangry’ with caramel

We all know that time of day, 3.30 in the afternoon. Everyone’s energy slumps and we all get a bit hungry. Never fear, I have a couple of snacks you can whip up in minutes to cure the ‘hangry’ hour. The next two recipes rely on natural and healthy foods to create that ‘caramel’ flavour, … Continue reading

Muesli bars with a twist

Today has been a rather random day here on the farm. I woke up this morning to the howling wind and freezing cold temperatures, so I had to light the fire! Third day of spring and I had to light the fire! Crazy! Our house is like an icebox though and tends to stay very … Continue reading

Sourdough Bread for Thermomix

I’ve had a few requests to share this recipe and although it is for use with a thermomix, the starter is done without the machine and making the bread can be very easily done by hand just using the measurements and ingredients. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to making sourdough bread but I … Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Curry

As promised I am now sharing our Chicken Tikka Curry recipe. My Mum and I created a mash up of a few recipes to create this dish and then adapted the original recipes to suit which ingredients we had on hand. The result was beyond delicious. We served it with a course cauliflower mash but … Continue reading

The Simple Life

It has been quite a while since my last post. I was having some trouble with time management and getting all my daily chores finished. I was exhausted and frustrated because my home never seemed to stay tidy… especially now my youngest son has started crawling! A few weeks ago my children and I were … Continue reading

Pumpkin and Root Veg Soup

This weekend just been we were lucky enough to enjoy a (very brief) camping trip. It certainly was a whirlwind trip but we managed to fit in lots of fishing and beach visits (no swimming though, too cold for that). I haven’t been camping for years and I have got to say I feel we … Continue reading