This is a blog about life on the farm, whole food and Thermomix cooking and a journey to a more sustainable life.

I’m a ‘twenty something’ ex city girl who is living the country life with my husband and two children. I have a variety of hobbies, passions and interests and I am hoping to consolidate them all right here on this blog! I’m a primary school teacher (I teach and direct a small community Kindergarten), qualified yoga instructor (who is very out of practice), whole food enthusiast,Thermomix lover, chemical hater, occasional crafter, gardener, mother, wife and a Nutritional Medicine student.

I am lucky enough to have a mother who is passionate about healthy living and  has taught me so much about food and cooking. I hope to share recipes, whole food inspiration and anything new and old I have learnt along the way.  

I’m always on a quest to live more sustainably and I am currently on a mission to reduce our family’s consumption and waste!

So, come along with me on this crazy journey as I try to make sense of this wonderful life.

Belinda x

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Belinda,

    I found your blog on facey and commented on your bananas from your farmers market haul! Our lives seem uncannily similar… You, take waaay better food photos than me though. I gobble and then forget…

    I’m in the country too, on a farm in Queensland (Wide Bay Burnett). I have one kid, a thermomix and similar life passions in regards to food, waste, sustainable living etc., I was once, even, going to be a teacher… But anxiety got the better of me. I now stay at home with my kiddo and work part time in local government 😉

    My main reasons for commenting… Is your cracker recipe – they did not get a chance to be a crowd pleaser, thank you for sharing!

    And – I’m developing a blog too and would love to share, network and maybe even collaborate with you once my feet have landed, if you’re keen that is!

    Congratulations on your readers! Completely justified though – you are on to something woman, and have a firm follower in me. Xx

    • Hi Sarah!
      Lovely to hear from you. Thank-you for your lovely comments, it means a lot. I’m in QLD too, in the South Burnett! Looking very forward to your blog and I’d love to collaborate with you. Thanks for stopping by x 🙂

  2. Hi Belinda, I am a new Thermomix consultant and owner for Kingaroy and I was informed of your blog. So I thought I would touch base with you and check out your recipes. I love the look of the Rustic date loaf. I am hoping that we might be able to catch up or share ideas as I am hoping to get a newsletter started for my customers in Kingaroy and I think you will be an asset to assist with this. Hoping to catch up with you. Sandy 0419709070

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