Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement. 



Ok, it’s been a long time since my last post. Too long. Yes, I’ve been busy. Too busy. That’s only part of the reason I’ve been holding back from posting though. At the moment I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of ‘health’ and just good old fashioned cooking. Which is all well and good but so far I’ve left a lot of my voice out of posts in fear of being judged. Yep, there, I said it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the online world can be a little harsh at times and everyone feels they have the right to tear someone down just because they don’t agree with them. I don’t really want to be torn down but then I also don’t want to sit on the fence forever. So, I guess this post is just to put my voice into my blog so my readers know what it is that I stand for.

I believe in real, whole food. I don’t believe in packaged food on a regular basis. There are a couple of reasons for this. There is the fact that most packaging is not biodegradable and will sit in landfill forever, negatively affecting natural ecosystems which ultimately affects the health of the planet we live on. Then there is the fact that most food that comes in packaging is usually heavily processed and contains artificial preservatives, additives and high levels of refined sugar and salt which is highly detrimental to our health and lack any real nutrients. I also say ‘on a regular basis’ because to be honest I don’t believe in shaming each other over the occasional packet of food. We are human. What you do most of the time and what is part of your regular daily habit is what counts most. Shame and guilt are not nice feelings and can be damaging to your mental health. Let’s lift each other up and empower each other to make good choices. Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement.

I believe in organic and ethical food. Food that is raised humanely and without the use of synthetic chemicals. I also feel that being ‘elite’ about these things doesn’t help. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, if you can afford to eat 100% organic, then that’s great. If you can only afford one thing in your weekly groceries to be organic then that’s great too. Eating is not about perfection. Do your research and decide which things you can change and which things you can’t, every person and family is different. Stay informed and make the best choices you can with the knowledge you have. Vote with you dollar. Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement.

I believe in enjoyment. Enjoy what you cook and what you eat. Put love into the food you make, even if you are just cooking for yourself. Celebrate local, fresh produce. Support local butchers, grocers, farmers etc and create positive relationships with these people. Enjoy a range of food and don’t cut out food groups if you don’t have to or want to. If you want to, then own it but don’t judge others because they don’t want to. We all have a choice. Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement.

I believe in researching and doing what makes you feel good. If you feel good when you cut out dairy then only you can make the judgement on whether or not to do it. No one can tell you how you feel. If something doesn’t agree with you then do the research and change your diet to suit you, not to suit Joe Bloggs down the road. Also, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. A lot of ‘information’ out there is not factual but simply someone’s opinion. It’s always worth reading and listening to the opinions of others but don’t let people force their ideas on you and let them completely influence your decisions. This also goes two ways. If you have a strong opinion, you are absolutely entitled to tell the world but please don’t tear other people down because they don’t agree with you. Listen with kindness in your heart, you don’t have to agree but you don’t have to be mean either, especially when you’re sitting behind your keyboard. Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement.

I really believe there is a lot in a person’s life that influences the food choices they make. Whether it be finances, accessibility to certain food, time or lack thereof or even just attitudes towards food. Let’s just learn and absorb information. Read and be informed, cook with love and share beautiful food with your family but please, don’t judge others based upon what they eat.


Belinda x

3 thoughts on “Let’s learn together. Stop the judgement. 

  1. Belinda, I enjoy reading your blog. I am from sunny Singapore and I love cooking healthy food. I am a Chinese and I would try your recipes on some weekends. I have a thermomix too. Thank you

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