Green Cleaning 101

Eliminating chemicals from my life has been a journey I have been on for many years now. I can remember sitting in my inner city apartment, killing time between uni lectures and watching Oprah. Sophie Uliano was the guest for that particular day and she was sharing tips from her book ‘Gorgeously Green’. I had … Continue reading

Power packed Paleo slice

For some reason I had a small bowl of puréed sweet potato in my fridge. I made up a batch in my Thermomix but I really didn’t know what to make with it. I decided to go on a search for something healthy, yet tasty and maybe chocolatey. I found a crazy number of recipes … Continue reading

20 Kids Lunchbox Ideas

It is nearly the end of school holidays here in QLD and we are about to enter into our last term for the year. Being a teacher, term four is always my favourite. Sure, everyone is tired and hanging out for the Christmas break, but I find it to be a time of celebration. Not just because … Continue reading