9 Ways To Reduce Everyday Household Waste


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My first post! How exciting! I wanted my first post to be a special one and seeing as this was my new year’s resolution, I thought it would be a great way to start off! I am on a mission to reduce the household waste we create each year, month, week and day. We don’t live in town and we don’t have a rubbish collection so it is very apparent how much rubbish we create when we haven’t taken the bins to the dump for two weeks.

We already give our kitchen scraps to our chooks – this was more an attempt to reduce bin juice originally (seriously gross, I know). We have used a compost bin in the past but at the moment are finding the chooks pretty much have us covered in disposing of peels and leftovers (no meat obviously!) We did try to use a worm farm and it was going great… Until I had to stay with my parents prior to the birth of my second son… Let’s just say my husband works full time, has loads of farm work to do and didn’t really consider the worms…

Anyway, I still really struggle with reducing our rubbish! So, I have made a few changes that are making a difference and I have more changes to make…


Changes so far:


1. Cloth nappies as opposed to disposables… Seems like an obvious thing to do but let me tell you this one is something you need to motivate yourself to do and it’s far from convenient but when a nappy takes 450 years to break down it really needs to be done. I do buy a small quantity of biodegradable nappies as well for bed time and travelling.

2. Baby food – my youngest has just started solids and I am saving excess packaging by simply making his food from fresh fruit and veggies – I did this with my first son too – at least you know what is going into the food as well! I am using my Thermomix this time around though and it is a massive time saver!

3. Bulk buying – Every 3 months my fruit and veg co-op do a bulk dry goods order where I buy my spelt flour, nuts, grains, rapadura sugar and dates – less packaging and a cheaper way to get organic!

4. BYO Bags when shopping – When I remember! Plastic bags are just a waste – especially if they end up straight in the bin!

5. Kitchen scraps are given to the chooks and any meats are given to our dogs

6. Reuse all glass jars and containers for preserving and storing food, buttons etc.


Now for the things I aim to change this year…


1. Buy less. Yep, pretty simple! The less ‘stuff’ you buy the less rubbish you create.

2. Only buy things with packaging that can be recycled or that is biodegradable.

3. Convince my husband that bamboo toothbrushes are cool… This will be challenging!

I am sure each list will grow as I go along but for now, one small change each day will make a difference… You really don’t need to be a greenie to be concerned about the state of our consumption and waste!


Image: http://valenbon.deviantart.com/

Until next time,
Belinda x

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